Picking Your Primary Photo

Why is the primary photo so important? This is the photo that appears on every page of your profile, and a smaller version shows up when other members search the network.

In other words, this photo is how other members get to know you. So make a great impression with these tips:


DO use a photo of only you.
It’s your time to get maximum attention.

DO make it up-close and personal.
Use a good headshot with head and shoulders.

DO use a recent photo. Be honest.
Within 6 months ago is preferred.

DO Smile.
Other members are more attracted to you with a happy smile.

Don’ts for Primary Photos

DON’T wear a hat or sunglasses.
Make it easy to see who you really are. Try to avoid too many accessories, head gear etc.


DON’T use a blurry or darkened photo.
It will be hard to see and members won’t take you seriously.


DON’T submit a shot with red-eye.
Stay away from this at all costs. No one dreams about dating scary red eyes.


DON’T submit a background that is too busy.
Busy backgrounds distract from placing all the emphasis on you.

Additional Photos

You are able to post up to a total of 9 additional photos, so you have plenty of opportunity to display the many different and important aspects of you and your lifestyle. Here are some pointers:


DO have fun with your additional photo.
Try a different look, angle of shot, or even a black and white photo.


DO allow us to see your most favorite people.
Show off the most favorite people in your life, and include yourself.


DO show a full body shot.
A fully body shot gives other members a better idea if you are a good match. There is someone for everyone no don’t be shy.


DO let others see you in your favorite environment.
Whether it’s the music hall, the mountains, at home or the beach, let others know how you prefer to spend your time.


DO post a photo of your favorite things to do.
Let others know your favorite interests, sports and things to do.


DO show off your sense of style.
Show off your sense of style and fashion.

Guidelines for ALL Photos

Have fun and be creative.
Have fun and submit artistic images even black and white.
Make sure your photo is easy to see.

Keep it updated.
Make sure your photo is recent. It helps when you meet in person.

Don’t upload drawings or copyrighted images.
Under no conditions upload drawings, caricatures, illustrations, cut-outs, cartoons, graphics, custom frames, personal info addresses, phone numbers, jokes, photos with borders, or celebrities. All will be promptly deleted. Repeated attempts could cause us to delete your account so please be courteous.

No adult or racy content.
No photos with sheer “see through” clothing showing nudity of any kind will be accepted.

No photos of kids only.
When submitting a photo of a child, you must be in the photo. We do not accept kids-only photos due to the fact that a person must be 18 to use our service.